Doctors in Training – Learning Modules
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Doctors in Training – Learning Modules

These modules, specially developed and selected to support doctors in their early clinical training, provide Certificates of Completion rather than a CPD certificate.

Doctors in training who wish to obtain CPD Certificates are welcome to access all of deNovo Medica’s accredited programmes from the home page.

START Case Study 1: Effectively starting insulin

Meet Zahra Hendricks. She has type 2 diabetes, but her HbA1c remains high despite treatment with oral antidiabetic drugs. What would you do now?

Case Study 2: The transition to insulin

Joe Claassens has type 2 diabetes and is not at target levels for his home glucose levels. What would you do now?

Case Study 3: Intensifying and switching insulin

Zanele Ndlovu has type 2 diabetes and is on insulin therapy, but not at target for her home glucose levels. She visits our practice for help. What would you do now?

Treating the hypertensive patient commonly seen in clinical practice

What is best practice in managing T2DM and CVD? Expert commentary on management of modifiable risk factors, treatment options and targets are emphasised in clinical cases demonstrating the progressive nature of both conditions.

Heart failure update: Recognise typical symptoms

Investigating heart failure? Recognise typical symptoms and learn about classification criteria, the importance of heart rate in the development of heart failure and the role of beta blockers and other therapies in treatment.